Dr. Patricia J. Sohn, Ph.D. 

(UF faculty, August 2001 – present)


Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
Joint Appointment, Center for Jewish Studies
Affiliate, Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research, and the Center for Global Islamic Studies


AY 2020-2021 Activities
Faculty Senator
University Curriculum Committee


Also published as Patricia Woods prior to 2017.

Fall 2020 Courses

CPO 4727 Judaism and PoliticsSection also available through JST 4936/28009.  Required texts:

  1. Christine Hayes, Cambridge Companion to Judaism and Law. Cambridge University Press, 2017.
  2. Judith Plaskow, Standing Again at Sinai: Judaism from a Feminist Perspective. Harper One, 1991.
  3. Gao Bai, Shanghai Sanctuary: Chinese and Japanese Policy Toward European Jewish Refugees During World War II. Oxford University Press, 2016.
  4. A reader will be available on electronic reserve through Smather’s Library, including: Albert Memmi, Noy and Cohen, Judith Elkin, Martin Buber, Anne Frank.

POS 4931 Religion and PoliticsSection also available through REL 4936/25540.  Required texts:

  1. Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Beyond Religious Freedom: The New Global Politics of Religion. Princeton University Press, 2015.
  2. Saba Mahmood, Religious Difference in a Secular Age: A Minority ReportPrinceton University Press, 2016.
  3. A reader will be available on electronic reserve through Smather’s Library, including: Mark Tessler, Jonathan Fox, Mircea Eliade, Elizabeth Shakman Hurd, Norris and Inglehart, Lisa Anderson, Peter Berger, Karrie Koesel, Motti Inbari, Barbara Myerhoff, Jomo Kenyatta, Patricia Sohn.

Spring 2021 Courses

CPO 6933 Case Study Research (preliminary syllabus here).

CPO 3713 Women in the Modern Middle East.  Required texts:

  1. Valentine Moghadam, Modernizing Women: Gender and Social Change in the Middle East. Lynne Reinner Publishers, 2013 (Third Edition).
  2. Sanam Vakil, Women and Politics in the Islamic Republic of Iran: Action and Reaction. Bloomsbury Academic, 2013 (Revised Edition).
  3. Yuval Jobani and Nahshon Perez, Women of the Wall: Navigating Religion in Sacred Sites. Oxford University Press, 2017 (First Edition).
  4. A reader will be available on electronic reserve through Smather’s Library, including: Diane Singerman, Arlene MacLeed, Nilufer Gole, Saba Mahmood, Shala Haeri, Isobel Coleman, Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder.

What Is Nationalism? A Nation? A Nationalist?

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The Arena: People and Politics

Dr. Sohn is founder of a new blog, entitled, The Arena: People and Politics.  It includes monthly contributions from herself, and it welcomes contributions from scholars, professionals, and lay people regarding micro-level, grassroots, local, and local-national intersections in politics.  Blog pieces should be 500-2000 words, preferable.  They should be grounded in concrete events or phenomena from specific places, or the intersection of theory and such case materials.  See page for more information.

‘The Camila Vargas Show,’ Or, Gender and Power in the Age of Violence

By Patricia Sohn, June 8, 2020 on thearenapeopleandpolitics.com



Local Practices Define Regime Type: Are We A Democracy??

By Patricia Sohn, June 2, 2020 on thearenapeopleandpolitics.com


My monograph on Israeli courts and social movements in the religious-secular conflict there is a nuanced case study of Israeli political culture(s) — in tandem and in conflict — around the roles of courts, women, and religion, respectively, within Israeli society and state.  It is based upon over two years of research in the field, including in-depth interviews, archival research, and political-ethnographic observation.  I received national grants from research institutions in the U.S. to do this research (the National Science Foundation, and the Social Science Research Council — see Academic Background tab); as well as affiliations at Israeli universities (Hebrew University, Department of Political Science, and Tel Aviv University, Department of Anthropology and Sociology).  I was allowed access to two Israeli university law libraries, and permission for limited access to several national archives, including the Israeli High Court of Justice archive; the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics (Tel Aviv office); the Knesset Archives, and others.  Most research was conducted in Hebrew, a lesser amount in English, and a small amount in French (e.g., interviews with Palestinian-Israeli women).  See judicial Power and National Politics: Courts and Gender in the Religious-Secular Conflict in Israel, First and Second Editions, below.  State University of New York Press, 2008, 2017.
Second Edition. More on social movements.  2008.
First Edition. More on judicial theories.  2017.
Qualitative and Case Study traditions as the historical core in Comparative Politics. Editor. E-Textbook.  2017.











Fiction informed by Middle Eastern romanticism, magical realism, and fairy tale traditions.  Paperback edition. Also available on Kindle.
Karim and Isabel meet in Paris as kids living alone. They marry young in a child marriage and flee Paris under various credible threats to their lives.  They develop loyalties that carry them through a lifetime of both joy and torment, crossing North Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and parts of the United States. The Middle East wars provide a backdrop to the story.


















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