Ray G. Thomas

Associate In Geology

Areas of Interest/Research

My primary scientific interest is the development of sensors for the study of the nutrients in natural waters, including the rivers and springs of North Florida.

For the past forty years, I have been involved with the design and development of microcomputer-based research instrumentation.  My engineering interests include sensor networks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and low-power device technologies.  Most recently, I was awarded U.S. Patent 9,155,831 “Apparatuses and Methods for Detecting Gas Contamination,” and I was the lead inventor of an inexpensive, submersible, automatic water sampler (U.S. Patent No. 6,840,121).

I provide engineering support for the paleomagnetics and environmental magnetics research group, and for research groups using mass spectroscopy.  This support includes design, development and maintenance of the cryogenic magnetometers, and support of the following mass spectrometers and sample introduction systems:

Inductive-coupled plasma mass spectrometers (ICP-MS)
Thermal Ionization mass spectrometer (TIMS).
Stable Isotope mass spectrometer
Noble Gas mass spectrometer


For over 25 years, I have been involved in science education outreach activities, including K-12 and teacher training. By taking advantage of the recent development of high-quality low-cost video cameras and video editing software, I have been using digital storytelling to produce educational material for informal and on-line learners.

As a member of the Faculty Senate, I am an active participant in the shared governance of the University of Florida. I serve as Chair of the Senate Welfare Council and represent this Council on the Senate Steering Committee.  I have served on the UF Land Use and Planning Committee, and currently serve on the UF Parking and Transportation Advisory Committee (including serving for the past 5 years as Chair).

Contact Information

Email:rgthomas at ufl dot edu
Phone: (352) 392-7984
Office: 359 Williamson Hall

Mailing address: 241 Williamson Hall, 1843 Stadium Road, P.O. Box 112120, Gainesville, Florida 32611-2120