Ron Chandler

Ron Chandler

Graduate Faculty Representative

Areas of Interest

Continue development of Sustainability Psychology as an area of teaching, scholarship, and research. Employment of psychological theories and concepts for development of synthetic interfaces between students and programs of study. Cultivation of social capital for improvement of human dignity and development of holistic solutions to sustainability problems. Advance interspecies educational approaches and programs. Facilitate prosocial behavior through positive future scenario construction.


Ron Chandler is a Lecturer in the Department of Psychology. His first “careers” were as a farm worker and construction laborer. After undergraduate training he began careers in lake and stream ecology and hydrology, and later in research, development, and marketing of technology for monitoring water quality and flow. During this time he earned a Masters in Limnology. In 2000 he began Conservation Initiative for the Asian Elephant (CIFAE) a not-for-profit organization that seeks to holistically resolve the issues degrading the lives of elephants, rhinos, tigers, and the people with whom they share habitat. After approximately 20 years in the environmental sciences he entered academia as an Associate in Research for the Water Atlas, and later began teaching human and urban ecology in the Graduate School of Architecture at USF. Along the way he became intrigued if not obsessed with the question “Why do we do what we do to each other and Earth?” and decided to return to school and earn a Ph.D. in psychology toward answering this question. He is developing Sustainability Psychology as an approach to knowledge development, and as a field of scholarship and research. Sustainability Psychology is the employment of psychological concepts and theories for increasing efficacy of sustainability education and programs by focusing on improvement of human dignity.

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