MAP 4305

Intermediate Differential Equations Fall 2018


Fundamentals of  Differential Equations, 9th edition,

Nagle, Saff  and Snider.

Time and Location

M W F 3rd  Period, Building Room: CSE E121

M W F 4th  Period, Building Room: FAB 103

Office hours: W F 5th Period

Course Content and Objectives

1.Systems of linear first-order differential equations

2.Fourier series

3.Boundary-Value problems in rectangular coordinates

4.Boundary-Value problems in other coordinates

Homework, Quiz and Exams

Homework will be assigned daily, announced in lecture. There are four exams, each will be 25% of the course grades.

Test 1, September 7th
Test 2, October 5th
Test 3, October 31st
Test 4, December 5th.

Grading Scale

The course grade will be computed by adding the exam scores and the quiz grades.  Grades will be assigned according to the percentage scale: 90 A, 87 A-, 83 B+, 80 B, etc.


Attendance is recommended

Academic Honesty

The course will be conducted in accordance with the University honor code and academic honesty policy, which can be found in the student guide

Accommodation for students with disabilities

Students requesting classroom accommodation must first register with the Dean of Students Office.  The Dean of Students Office will provide documentation to the student who must then provide this documentation to the instructor when requesting accommodation.