Robert Long Essay Competition, due 27March2022

The DEPT. OF MATHEMATICS Robert Long Scholarship Committee
announces the 2022 Annual Robert Long Essay Competition.

Additional Information

  • Purpose: To encourage students to investigate the sources,
    motivations and the development of mathematical ideas.
  • The Competition: A 10-20 page expository paper on
    History of Mathematics
    Philosophy of Mathematics.The topics may be chosen from any time period from
    ancient to modern. The subject of the paper may be pure, applied or
    both. The essay may also center on the discussion of mathematical ideas
    evolving from (or contributing to) important advances in engineering,
    statistics, logic and foundations, or the physical and biological
    sciences.While the focus of the paper should be on mathematical ideas,
    it may also include a collateral presentation of individuals who made
    major contributions. Attention should be paid to the quality
    of the prose, organization of the narrative, and identification of
    source materials.
  • Eligibility: Undergraduate or graduate students
    at UF, including High School students taking a course at UF.
  • The Prize: One or two scholarships may be awarded.
    The total amount for these awards is typically $500.
  • Manuscript Due Date:
    Manuscripts in PDF form should be submitted via email
    to: Prof. Jonathan King,

    by 11:59PM on Sunday, March 27, 2022

  • Please name the PDF file with “RLPrize2022” followed by your
    name. E.g, if your name is Rachel Stein, then use


    (no spaces in the filename) to name the file that you email to Prof. King.

    In your email message, please indicate whether you are an undergraduate
    or graduate UF student, or a High School student taking a UF course.

  • The winning essays will be deposited in the Mathematics
    Little Hall Library (and possibly inserted in Mathematics Department web
    pages). The winners will be notified mid April, 2022.
  • For further information, contact Prof. Jonathan King, 402 Little Hall
    (office is in North-East corner); tel. 352-294-2314; eddress
  • A 2014 winning essay by Chase Saucier.