As of July 2021, my scholarly writing projects in press or in progress include essays on: the formless (French philosopher Georges Bataille’s l’informe) in fiction by William Hope Hodgson, Jean-Marc Ligny, and Jeff VanderMeer; the joy of releasing human authority over trees after they are planted; William Blake’s “Visionary Heads” drawings as an anticipation of the digital smart mob; vegetarianism and veganism in the fiction of obsessively carnist Jules Verne; Verne and his illustrators’ depictions of American abolitionist John Brown; Verne’s interest in the 1888 Mars opposition and contemporaneous debates regarding evidence for life on Mars; and why the film adaptations of Mysterious Island are mostly terrible (!) I am also working on two book-length projects, Des leçons d’abîme, on image-text relays in Verne’s illustrated fiction, and Beware the Blob, on the abject and the formless in contemporary climate fiction and film.

From August 3, 2021 to February 20, 2022, I am the curator of “Plant Life,” an exhibit at UF’s Samuel P. Harn Museum of Art featuring twelve works from the Harn collection that foreground human-plant relations.