Courses Regularly Taught:

  • Lin3201 Sounds of Human Language: This course enables the student to recognize the sounds of human languages, to understand how they are made, and to identify the physical properties that correspond to them.  Prereq 3010. Last taught Spring 2017 (syllabus here)
  • Lin4320 Introduction to Phonology:  This course examines some of the classic problems of phonology and introduces the theoretical tools that have been proposed for solving them. Last taught Fall 2018 (syllabus here). Prereqs 3010, 3201.
  • Lin4930 World Englishes: We examine varieties of English spoken around the world, including characteristics at various linguistic levels (sounds, morphemes, syntax, semantics), use and status in different countries, and issues of TESL teaching and testing. We compare & contrast models categorizing Englishes and investigate the history and spread of English, the role of language contact and 2nd language acquisition, and issues of language teaching, planning and policy,. Last taught Spring 2019 (syllabus here). Prereq 3010.
  • Lin6323 Phonology 1:The course focuses on problem solving in phonological analysis, presenting insights from current phonological theories and applying them to a range of natural language data. Required for 1st year graduate students in linguistics. Last taught Fall 2018 (syllabus here).
  • Lin6341 Phonology 2:This course builds on Phonology 1, examining general issues of markedness, typology and syllable structure, as well as focusing on issues of interest to the students. Students will conduct their own research throughout the course, resulting in a research paper using OT. Last taught Spring 2019 (syllabus here). Prereq Lin6323.