Research Projects

Current Research Projects

  • ¬†Algorithms for non-smooth convex/non-convex optimizations:(supported by NSF DMS-1115568 and DMS-1319050)
    • Accelerated primal dual (APD) methods with optimal rate of convergence;
    • Accelerated primal dual (ADMM)¬† with optimal rate of convergence;
    • Optimal Scheme for a class of variational inequality;
    • Accelerated Bregman operator splitting with variable stepsizes (BOSVS)¬† and optimal rate of convergence;
    • Fast accelerated bundle level type methods with optimal rate of convergence.
  • Nuclear moment imaging and image reconstruction (supported by NSF IIP-1237814)
  • Multi-contrast and multi-channel magnetic resonance (MR) image reconstruction with significantly reduced data;
  • Multi-shorts echo-planar diffusion weighted MR image reconstruction;
  • 4-D cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) image reconstruction;

Current Ph.D. Students:

Meng Liu

Hao Zhang

Wei Zhang

Xianqi Li

Chenxi Chen