Ph.D. The Pennsylvania State University 1995, under the direction of Thomas Jech

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Set theory, mathematical logic

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Here is a quote from Ibn Khaldun’s Kitab al-Ibar, 6.34 (14th century CE):

It should be known that among the things that are harmful to the human quest for knowledge and to the attainment of a thorough scholarship are the great number of scholarly works, the large variety in technical terminology of instruction, and the numerous methods used in those works. The student is required to have a ready knowledge of all that. Only then is he considered an accomplished scholar. Thus, the student must know all the works, or most of them, and observe the methods used in them. His whole lifetime would not suffice to know all the literature that exists in a single discipline, if he were to devote himself entirely to it. Thus, he must of necessity fall short of attaining scholarship.