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Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed)

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Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed) – in press

Woo, H. B. g, M. Panning, P. N. Adams, and A. Dutton, Karst-Driven Flexural Isostasy in North Central Florida, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, in press as of 6-10-2017, manuscript #: 2017 GC006934.

Journal Articles (Peer Reviewed) – in review

Adams, P. N., submitted 06-23-2016, Geomorphic Origin of Merritt Island-Cape Canaveral: A Paleodelta of the Reversed St. Johns River?, Geology, manuscript number: G39455

Internal Documents – Field Guides, Equipment Protocols, Software Manuals, etc.

Lovering, J. L., and P. N. Adams, 2012WetSed User Manual, University of Florida.