Our students of Spanish in the Community (Spring & Fall 2020) created these wonderful videos with the collaboration of Deborah Hendrix and the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.

Metamorphosis of the Immigrant

Directed by Antonio Sajid López

Plot: Migrating is one of the most important decisions a person can make. It implies abandoning the previous sowing, and perhaps the first harvest, to embrace a new land, full of possibilities. Whoever emigrates starts from zero and sharpens his learning process and personal growth. This process, so loaded with desires, modifies the human experience, enriches it, transforms it.In this video we will listen to the testimony of six Hispanic American immigrants who are reborn every day in the United States. How have their lives changed since they set foot in the Northlands? How has the United States changed their vision of the world and their desires? What have they gained in this process? What have they lost? Are their personalities the same or different? What do they keep from their cultural heritage? What new customs have they added to their repertoire? What would their ancestors think about this transformation? Join us on this intimate and personal journey of human transformation, where the metamorphosis of the immigrant unfolds.

Metamorphosis of Immigrant Covid-19 student discussion

This is a draft of the discussion of students who had to finish a class documentary in the middle of UF’s quarantine, mid semester Spring 2020. 


The Hispanic Migrant Worker, A Documentary

Directed by Antonio Sajid López

Plot: The topic of immigration generates enormous debates in the United States, especially when it comes to the issue of working. Some citizens are convinced that immigrants represent a threat to the economy as they displace the citizen workforce. Others think that immigrants who cross the border come seeking government assistance without paying their taxes. All these ill-founded myths have made the headlines of certain political pamphlets in recent years. The truth is that many of the immigrants who come from Latin America and the world are highly trained people either in professions or trades, and they strengthen the country’s economy. The United States is a multicultural and multiethnic region due to the immigration of workers. In this video, we will meet six Hispanic workers who emigrated from their country for different reasons and have decided to develop their careers in the United States. You will discover what they do and what they think about their professions. They will also compare their academic experience in their home countries with the experience in the U.S.A. Stay with us and find out what Hispanic migrant workers have to say and contribute.