Our students of Spanish in the Community (Fall 2019) created these wonderful videos with the collaboration of Deborah Hendrix and the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program.

Love in the Time of Emigration

Directed by Antonio Sajid López


Emigrating is an essential practice of humanity. Because we emigrate, the barriers of ignorance and fear are transformed into horizons full of possibilities, and doors that lead us to paths of learning and self-discovery. Those who emigrate are willing to unlearn the old habits and to expand towards the acquisition of a new language, a new culture and a new political framework. This process of travel and transformation is also an authentic manifestation of the love and commitment we feel for our life and the desire to raise it to the height of our possibilities. In this video we explore the issue of Latin American emigration to the United States from love, desire and relationship perspectives. Are we able to abandon everything and start from 0 for love? How do you combine love and intercultural communication under one roof? What customs do we give up? What customs do we acquire? How to reconcile political differences in a couple? Join us on this trip and discover how to love in the times of emigration.

There to here

Directed by Laura M. Callahan


No two stories of migration from one country to another are alike. People migrate for many reasons: jobs, necessity, desire for change, escaping from violence or persecution, in search of a dream. Just like the reasons, the result of the process of migration is never the same: sometimes people arrive by plane, sometimes by boat, sometimes on foot. The stories presented in this documentary represent very distinct perspectives. Some of these people came to the United States from peaceful countries, others from countries with more political and civil violence. Some came as adults, others as adolescents, others as children. They came looking for another way of living, or to escape a difficult situation. The truth lies in that all of them had to start fresh in the United States, leaving behind everything that they knew: friends, family, country, customs and homes. I invite you to listen to these stories to learn about new experiences and to find out what happens when someone makes that journey from there to here.