SPN/POR 3943: Internship in Spanish/Portuguese

Part of  Beyond 120, a project of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Course Description

Internships provide you with opportunities to integrate the skills, knowledge and methods gained through your coursework with professional roles, responsibilities and activities in a real-life supervised setting.

Given the nature of our Spanish and Portuguese Studies program, which primarily teaches language and culture, you could carry out your internship in technically any location where there is interaction with the Hispanic communities. For this reason, this syllabus offers an open alternative for you to customize your professional interests.

Participating in an internship in Spanish/Portuguese, specifically, allows you to further develop and enhance your linguistic and cultural knowledge, as well as working with relevant members of the Latinx community.

Variable 1-3 credit, this course has been designed to complement your internship experience through guided reflection, critical analysis, synthesis and discussion. The amount of complementary homework will be determined according to the amount of credits you register.

Application Process

You must apply to enroll in this course. Applications for SPRING 2022 must be submitted by Dec. 09, 2021.

This ✔️ Spanish & Portuguese Internship Application Form must be completed by you and by your supervisor. Note that to qualify for credit, the internship MUST include a minimum of hours, as specified below, over a maximum of 15 weeks (one academic semester):

You will be notified via your @ufl.edu e-mail address when your internship position is approved to earn credit. If approved, SPN/POR 3943 will automatically be added to your schedule. If not approved, future guidance will be provided in the email.Once completed, email the signed application form to Dr. Antonio Sajid López (antoniosajid@ufl.edu). If you cannot send an electronic version of the completed document, you may submit the hardcopy to the Department of Spanish & Portuguese at Dauer Hall 170 or by fax to 352.392.5679.

Graded Course Components

Grade Scale and Policies

100-73= S / 72-0= U

This course counts toward the minor, major, or certificate.

NOTE: A grade of U (72-0) will not be a qualifying grade for major, minor, Gen Ed, Gordon Rule or Basic Distribution Credit courses. For further information regarding passing grades and grade point equivalents, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog at