Editorial Activities

  • I am one of the editor-in-chiefs of the Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.
  • I am one of the editors of the Discrete Mathematics and
    its Applications series of CRC Press.

    As an editor of this series, I have signed up the following books so far.

    • Introduction to Chemical Graph Theory, by Stephan Wagner and Hua Wang. Published in September 2018.
    • Handbook of Geometric Constraint Systems: Principles, by Meera Sitharam, Audrey St. John and Jessica Sidman. Published in July 2018.
    • Algorithms and Nonuniformity, by Micha Hofri and Hosam Mahmoud. Published in June 2018.
    • Additive Combinatorics, A Menu of Research Problems, by Bela Bajnok. Published in April 2018.
    • Crossing numbers, by Marcus Schaefer. Published in December, 2017.
    • Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry, third edition, Csaba D. Toth, editor.
      Published in November, 2017.

    • Representation Theory of Symmetric Groups, by Pierre-Loic Meliot. Published in March 2017.
    • Extremal Set Systems, by Daniel Gerbner and Balazs Patkos. Submitted. To be published in 2018.
    • Computational Complexity of Counting and Sampling, by Istvan Miklos.
    • Finite Geometries, by Gyorgy Kiss and Tamas Szonyi.
    • The Polynomial Method, by Peter Sziklai.
    • Volume Inequalities for Arrangements of Convex Bodies, by Karoly Bezdek and Muhammad Ali Khan.
    • Polytopes, Incidence Geometries, and Computation, by Dimitri Leemans.
    • Chip Firing Games, by Caroline Klivans.
    • Combinatorics and Number Theory of Counting Sequences by Istvan Mezo.
    • Projective Geometry over Arbitrary Fields, by Bart De Bruyn, Koen Thas, and Hendrik Van Maldeghem.
    • Further Symbolic Dynamics, by Dominik Kwietniak.
  • I am one of the editors of the Monograph Series of CRC Press.