Social Justice Statement

Dr. Carolyn Tucker’s Statement of Commitment to Social Justice

In my research, teaching, service, and administrative roles, I do all that I can to promote awareness of and a commitment to social justice and diversity— a commitment about which I am truly passionate. Evidence of this commitment include that:

  1. I teach a graduate course on health disparities research and interventions that has a core focus on empowerment; and a graduate counseling theories, research, and practice course that includes a major focus on social justice and multiculturalism;
  2. my research on culturally sensitive physical and mental health promotion and my research on culturally sensitive health care are anchored in health empowerment theories, including my own published empowerment theory, and aim to foster the health justice aspect of social justice;
  3. my service and administrative work includes serving as a member of the Steering Committee for Florida’s Health Equity and Research Institute, which includes a major focus on supporting social justice policies and research that foster health justice and health promotion for all Americans in general and all Floridians in particular;
  4. my Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Research Teams, which include large numbers of graduate students and undergraduate students, are culturally diverse and include a focus on empowering these students for culturally sensitive leadership to foster social justice in health promotion and health care delivery; and
  5. over 40% of the graduate/doctoral students and minority students that I have mentored and served as their thesis and/or doctoral committee chair are minority students, which is reflective of my passion for and commitment to mentoring culturally diverse students.

My research, teaching, service, and administrative work are consistent with, informed by, and seek to enact the UF Counseling Psychology Program’s commitment to diversity and social justice, which can be found at