• Supercontinent Cycles and Assembly of Gondwana

    Supercontinent cycles remain one of the most significant and poorly understood aspects of the global geodynamic system. The Damara Orogen in Namibia records the assembly and break-up of two supercontinents.

  • Transpressional Orogens and Oblique Plate Convergence

    Many modern orogenic systems are dominated by oblique convergence and large strike-slip fault zones. The Kaoko Belt of the Damara Orogen exposes the deep crust of an ancient transpressional orogen, and the Suwannee suture zone records the oblique assembly of Pangea in the southern Appalachians.  We are studying aspects of both of these transpressional orogenic belts.

  • Tectonic Setting and Kinematics of Eocene Extension in the Northern Rockies

    We study metamorphic core complexes in Montana and Idaho to understand the Eocene plate tectonic setting, processes involved in exhumation and collapse of the Cordilleran Orogen, and the causes of the widespread Challis-Bitterroot igneous activity.

  • Basement Tectonics of Western North America

    Understanding the evolution of Precambrian basement helps reveal the relationships between ancient and modern tectonic and magmatic processes.

  • Continental Growth in Accretionary Orogens

    The Lachan Orogen of Australia preserves an excellent example of how continental crust forms from closing an oceanic back-arc or fore-arc basin.

  • Current Grants

  • MRI: Acquisition of a High Resolution Electron Probe Micro-Analyzer; National Science Foundation (MRI) DMR1429265, $905,540
  • Tectonic-Stratigraphic Characterization of Sedimentary Basins in the Columbian Pacific Margin;  Columbia National Petroleum Agency, $167,933
  • Geodynamics and continental extension in the East African Rift System: origin and evolution of the Turkana Depression in northern Kenya (collaborative with A. Gleadow and B. Kohn); Australian Research Council $420,000
  • Collaborative Research: Precambrian Crustal Evolution in Western Laurentia: Implications from the Sawtooth Metamorphic Complex;  National Science Foundation (Tectonics)  EAR1145212 $468,640 ($270,182 UF portion)
  • Collaborative Research: Geochemical Imaging of Post-Pangean Lithospheric Structure in the Southern Appalachians;  National Science Foundation (Tectonics)  EAR06030000 $412,392 ($271,128 UF portion)