Curriculum Vitae


June, 2009


A. B., cum laude, Bucknell University,

Ph.D. University of Michigan, 1965

Professional History and Experience

1961-1965 Teaching Fellow, Research Assistant,
and Coordinator of the Animal Laboratories, Department of Psychology,
of Michigan.

1965-1966 Post-Doctoral Fellow, Department of
Psychology, University of California, Berkeley.

1966-present Assistant Professor (1966-1970),
Associate Professor (1970-1973), Professor (1973-2007), Professor
Emeritus, 2007-present, Department
Psychology, University of Florida.

Academic Honors and Fellowships

Academic Scholarship, Bucknell University,

Phi Eta Sigma, Bucknell University, 1958

Wainwright D. Blake Prize in Psychology, Bucknell
University, 1961.

NSF Undergraduate Fellowships (2), Bucknell

NSF Undergraduate Fellowship, Jackson Laboratory,
Bar Harbor, Maine, 1961.

Psi Chi, Bucknell University (Chapter President,

Phi Beta Kappa

NSF Cooperative Graduate Fellowships (2),
of Michigan, 1963-1965.

Phi Sigma Award in Biological Sciences,
of Michigan, 1962.

Sigma Xi

NSF Post-Doctoral Fellowship, University of
Berkeley, 1965-1966.

Finalist, Distinguished Alumni Professor
University of Florida, 1991.

University of Florida Professional Excellence
Program (PEP) Award, 1996

University of Florida Sigma Xi Senior Research
Award, 1997

Animal Behavior Society Exemplar Award, 1998

Clifford T. Morgan Distinguished Service to
6 Award, Division 6, American Psychological Association, 1998
Animal Behavior Society Exceptional Service Award, 2003
Lifetime Achievement Award, Society for the History of Psychology (APA
Division 26) 2008

Professional Organizations and Elections
as Fellow

American Psychological Association

   Fellow, Division 1 [General

   Fellow, Division 2 [Teaching of

   Fellow, Division 3 [Experimental

   Fellow, Division  6,
Neuroscience and Comparative Psychology]

   Fellow, Division 26, [History of

Behavior Society (Elected Fellow, 1982)

American Association for the Advancement of
(Elected Fellow, 1984)

American Psychological Society (Charter Fellow)

Southeastern Psychological Association

International Society for the History
of the Social and Behavioral Sciences

History of Science Society

Council of Teachers of Undergraduate Psychology

Selected National Offices, Committees and Related Service

American Psychological Association
Member, Committee on Animal Research and Experimentation, 1983-1986.
Elected member-at-large, Executive Committee, Division 6, 1987-1990
Program Chair, Division 6, 1989-1990; Member, Program Committee, 1989-1991
Elected President-Elect, President, Division 6, 1991-1993
Executive Committee, Division 6, 1987-1990, 1991-
Historian/Archivist, Division 6, 1991- 2008
Archival Preservationist, Division 26, 1993-
Member, Committee on the History of Psychology, 1993-1996 (Founding Chair, 1993-95)
Historian, Division 1, 1995-
Program Chair, Division 26, 1994-1995
President-Elect, President, Division 26, 1996-1998
Elected Division 26 Representative to APA Council of Representatives, 2000-2002
President-elect, President Division 1, 2007-2009

Animal Behavior Society
Elected Second President-Elect, to First President-Elect, to President, to Past-President, 1976-1980
Elected Treasurer, 1973-1976
Historian, 1988-2007
National Science Foundation   

Member, Psychobiology Study Panel, 1983-1986

Psychonomic Society

Historian, 1994 -2003

United States Ethological Conference

Elected Member, 1982-1988.

Member, ex officio, 1979-1980.

American Society of Zoologists

Chairperson, Division of Animal Behavior, and
Member of Executive Committee, 1978-1979.

Cheiron Society

Historian, 1995-2001

Program Chair, 1995-1996

Archives of the History of
American Psychology

Member, Board of Advisors, 2002-present

Member, J. R. Kantor Research Fellowship Selection Committee,

Ecological Society of America

Council Member as Representative of the Animal
Behavior Section, 1977-1978.

Environmental Protection Agency

Member, Task Force on Risk Assess. in
and Developmental Effects, 1980-1981.

Editorial Positions

Advisory Editor, Contemporary Psychology

Consulting Editor, Bucknell University Monograph
Series in Animal Behavior

Consulting Editor, Journal of Comparative
and Physiological Psychology

Consulting Editor, Journal of Comparative

Consulting Editor, Behavior Research Methods,
Instruments, and Computers

Consulting Editor, Behavioral Ecology and

Series Advisor, Schools of Psychological
Greenwood Press, (1992-1996)

Consulting Editor, Behavioural Processes,

Consulting Editor, Review of General Psychology (1996-)
Consulting Editor, History of Psychology, (1997-)
Associate Editor, Encyclopedia of Psychology, (A. E. Kazdin, Ed.), (1996-1999)
Section Editor, American Psychologist, (1997, Thorndike section); (1998 Pavlov section); 2000
   (Year 2000 Project on Psychology
Circa 1900); (Darwin Bicentennial section, 2009); Guest Editor, 2002
Obituaries Advisory Committee, American Psychologist, 2001-

Selected Administrative Experience at University of Florida
Member, University Senate, 1976-1979; 1984-1986; 1994-1995.
Member, All-University Committee on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, 1982-1985.
Member, University Committee on Human Subjects, 1968-1969.
Member, University Library Committee
Acting Department of Psychology Chair, 1980
Graduate Coordinator and Chair, Graduate Studies Committee Department of Psychology, 1977-1982.
Area Coordinator for Psychobiology Program, Department of Psychology 1982-1990.
Member, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences Promotion and Tenure Committee 1999-2001 (Chair, 2000-2001)

Research Grants
National Science Foundation–“Experimental Analysis of the Behavior of a Variety of Mammals” and “Determinants of Reproductive Success in Muroid Rodents”

GB-6590             7/1/67-6/30/69
GB-12941           7/1/69-6/30/71
GB-28554           7/1/71-6/30/72
GB-33837X         7/l/72-6/30/75
BMS75-08658    7/1/75-6/30/78
BNS78-05173    7/1/78-6/30/82
BNS-8200689     7/1/82-6/30/85
BNS-8504501    7/1/85-6/30/86
BNS-8520318    7/1/86-6/30/89
BNS-8904974    7/1/89-6/30/92

Selected Biographical Listings

American Men & Women of Science
1992-1993, 18th edition, p. 688
1995-1996, 19th edition, p. 797
1998-1999, 20th edition, p. 789
2003, 21st edition, p. 681
2005, 22nd edition, p. 718
and later editions

Community Leaders of the World
1986, 1st edition, p. 73

Contemporary Authors.
1980, Volumes 89-92. p. 137.
1985, New Revision Series, Volume 15, p. 106

Who’s Who in America.
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1996,  50th edition, Volume 1, p. 1039
1997,  51st edition, Volume 1, p. 1056
1998,  52nd edition, Volume 1, p. 1066?
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2001,  55th edition, Volume 1, p. 1297
2002,  56th edition, Volume 1, p. 1296
2003,  57th edition, Volume 1, p. 1291
and later editions

Who’s Who in the South and Southwest
1984-85, 19th edition, p. 211

Masters and Doctoral Students Supervised

Moxley, A. W., M.S. 1968, The effects of olfactory bulb removal on the maternal behavior of the golden hamster.

Jansen, P. E. M.A. 1970, Maternal aggressiveness and social dominance in the golden hamster Mesocricetus auratus.

Davis, H. N., M.S. 1971, Copulatory behavior of the Mongolian gerbil (Meriones unguiculatus).

Gray, G. D., M.A. 1972, A quantitative description of the copulatory behavior of Microtus pennsylvanicus.

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Estep, D. Q., M.A. 1973, A descriptive study of the copulatory behavior of a wild population of house mice (Mus musculus).

Lanier, D. L., M.A. 1974, Food hoarding in muroid rodents.

Hartung, T. G., M.A. 1976, A comparative analysis of copulatory plugs in rodents and their relationship to copulatory behavior.

Shea, S. L., M.A. 1976, Visual depth perception and discrimination in Mus musculus and Peromyscus maniculatus bairdi.

Jansen, P. E., Ph.D. 1971, An experimental analysis of the paper-reinforced bar pressing behavior of the golden hamster (Mesocricetus auratus).

Mosig, D. W., Ph.D. 1974, Sexual and aggressive behaviors in two inbred strains of mice.

Gray, G. D., Ph.D. 1974, Ovulation and implantation in Microtus as a function of copulatory behavior.

Davis, H. N., Ph.D. 1974, Maternal age and male behavior in relation to successful reproduction by female rats (Rattus norvegicus).

Estep, D. Q., Ph.D. 1975, Copulatory behavior of Rattus rattus.

Jackson, S. B., Ph.D. 1975, Recovery from sexual satiety in male rats.

Lovecky, D. V., Ph.D. 1976, Reproductive behavior and early development in cotton mice, Peromyscus gossypinus, and white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus.

Lanier, D. L., Ph.D. 1978, The role of repeated copulations in reducing the effects of competitive inseminations among male laboratory rats.

Webster, D. G., M. S., 1979. Baroreceptor involvement in the immobility reflex of the frog: Evidence for a cross-species mechanism.

Sawrey, D. K. M.S. 1983, The influence of male ejaculation capacity on mate choice in montane voles (Microtus montanus).

Webster, D. G., Ph.D., 1983, Aggression and familiarity as factors in mate selection in Peromyscus polionotus and Peromyscus maniculatus.

Austin, D., Ph.D. 1986, Reproductive capacity of male laboratory rats.

Ferguson, B., M.S. 1986, A study of male preferences for mated versus unmated females in two species of voles. (Microtus ochrogaster and Microtus montanus).

Taylor, S. A., M.S. 1987, Effects of experience and cues available for discrimination of estrous versus diestrous preferences in prairie voles, Microtus ochrogaster.

Shapiro, L. E., Ph.D. 1987, Behavior, neuroanatomy, and social organization in two species of voles (Microtus ochrogaster and Microtus montanus).

Sawrey, D. K., Ph.D. 1989. Laboratory studies on the influence of males on reproductive activation in female montane voles (Microtus montanus).

Pierce, J. D., Jr. Ph.D., 1989. Female preferences for unmated versus mated males in two species of voles, prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster) and montane voles (Microtus montanus).

Bryan, Judith C., M.S. 1989. Effects of mating order and time between males on sperm competition in prairie voles, Microtus ochrogaster.

Taylor, Stephen A., Ph.D., 1990. Laboratory studies of estrus induction and pregnancy maintenance in vole (Microtus).

Salo, Allen L., Ph.D. 1992. Studies of general and sexual development in voles (Microtus).

Bryan, Judith C. Ph.D. 1993. A comparison between male-induced abortions and male-induced estrus in prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster).

Pickren, Wade E. Ph.D. 1995. Psychologists and physicians in the borderlands of science, 1900-1942.

Selected Published Photographs

Cover, BioScience, 1979, 29(6) (June). Brown pelican.

Three photographs of anoles in Webster, D. G., Lanthorn, T. H., and Meyer, M. E. Immobility responses in Anolis carolinensis. Physiological Psychology, 1979, 7, 451-453.

Photograph of F. A. Beach (p. 109) in Dewsbury, D. A. Comparative Psychology in the Twentieth Century. Stroudsburg, PA: Hutchinson Ross, 1984.

Photographs of spiny mouse (cover), hopping mouse, grass mouse, montane vole, and deer mouse. ILAR News, 1984, 28(1), cover, pp. 10-11.

Photograph of Edwin M. Banks. Illini Weekely, March 28, 1985, vol. 4(25), p. 5; Animal Behavior Society Newsletter, 1985,30(2), 2.

Photographs of northern grasshopper mouse, montane vole, and four-striped grass mouse. ILAR News, 1986, 29 (4), 24A, 28A, 30A.

Photograph of Jay S. Rosenblatt Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences, 1986, 474,x.

Photograph of Frank A. Beach, American Journal of Psychology, 1989, 102-414

Three photographs of the History of Science Society 1989 Annual Meeting. Newsletter of the History of Science Society, 1990, 19(1), 5.

Photograph of B. F. Skinner, APS Observer, 1990, 3(5) p. 1.

Photograph of Cheiron Society members. Cheiron Newsletter, 1990-91. 17 (2), p.7.

Sidney Weinstein, The Physiological and Comparative Psychologist, 1992, 8(3), 4.

Photograph of 4 APA presidents. Placed in APA time capsule, American Psychological Association Building, Washington, DC, August, 1992.

Photograph of F. A. King and J. B. Overmier. Inside Yerkes, Fall/Winter, 1992, p. 31.

Lewis P. Lipsett, The Physiological and Comparative Psychologist, 1993, 9(1), 4.

Four photographs of historians of science. History of Science Society Newsletter, 1994, 23(3), 47-48.

Photograph of Ernst Mayr: Evolution, 1994, 48,7.

Photograph of historic marker at John B. Watson’s birthplace, Traveler’s Rest, SC. In J. A. Popplestone and M. W. McPherson An illustrated history of American psychology, Dubuque, IA: Brown & Benchmark, 1994, p. 49. (Reprinted in D. P. Scholtz and S. E. Schultz, A History of Modern Psychology (6th Ed.) Fort Worth, TX: Harcourt & Brace, p. 281. and various other places)

Joseph F. Rychlak, Contemporary Psychology, 1997, 42, 106.

Ten photographs from Division Leadership Conference, American Psychological Association Division Dialogue, March/April 1997.

Photograph of Edward F. Malagodi, Division 25 Recorder, 1997, 32(2), p. 17

20 photographs of psychologists in M. Domjan (1998). The Principles of Learning and Behavior. Pacific Grove, CA: Brooks Cole.

Photograph of Molly Harrower, Psychology of Women, 1999, 26(3) p. 24

Photograph of Julian M. Davidson. In D. Morrissette and L. S. Myers (2002), In memorium: Julian
M. Davidson. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 31, 311-318,

Photograph of Niko Tinbergen. In W. E. Pickren (2003). An elusive honor: Psychology, behavior, and the Nobel Prize.American Psychologist, 58, 721-722.

Photograph of Merle E. Meyer CLASNotes, 2005, 19, p.8       

3 Photographs. Animal Behavior Society Newsletter, 2005, 50 (3).

Numerous photographs on assorted web pages.

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