Jamie Gillooly

Associate Professor

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison 1999

Contact Information

Office: 409 Carr Hall
Phone: (352) 392-2743
Email: gillooly”at”ufl”dot”edu

Mailing address:
Jamie Gillooly
Department of Biology
P.O. Box 118525
Gainesville, FL 32611-8525

Research Interests

I have very broad research interests that span the subdisciplines of physiological ecology, community ecology, and macroecology and evolution. In general, I am interested in how physical constraints on the survival, growth and reproduction of individuals influence the ecology and evolution of communities and ecosystems. Most recently, I have been working to develop what my collaborators and I refer to as the metabolic theory of ecology. This theory deals explicitly with the effects of body size, temperature and stoichiometry on ecological and evolutionary rate processes. In the coming years, I hope to further develop these ideas using a combination of theoretical, experimental and field approaches.

Representative Publications

  • Hein, AM, Hou C, and JF Gillooly (2012) Energetic and biomechanical constraints on animal migration distance. Ecology Letters 15:104-110.
  • Hou, C, Kaspari M, Vander Zanden HB, and JF Gillooly (2010) Energetic basis of colonial living in social insects. PNAS 107(8):3634-8.
  • Gillooly, JF and AG Ophir (2010) The energetic basis of acoustic communication. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277:1325-1331
  • Gillooly, JF, Allen, AP, Brown, JH, and GB. West (2005) The rate of DNA evolution: Effects of body size and temperature on the molecular clock. PNAS 102:140-145.
  • Brown, JH, Gillooly, JF, Allen, AP, Savage, VM, and GB West (2004) Toward a metabolic theory of ecology. Ecology 85:1771-1789.
  • Allen, AP, Brown, JH, and JF Gillooly (2002) Global biodiversity, biochemical kinetics, and the energetic-equivalence rule. Science 297:1545-1548
  • Gillooly, JF, Charnov, EL, West, GB, Savage, VM and JH Brown (2002) Effects of size and temperature on developmental time. Nature 417:70-73.
  • Gillooly, JF, Brown, JH, West, GB, Savage, VM, and EL Charnov (2001) Effects of size and temperature on metabolic rate. Science 293:2248-2251

Current Graduate Students

Name Email Research Interests
David Anderson daan4786″at”ufl”dot”edu Physiology, climate change, theoretical ecology
Lauren Holian lholianuf14 “at” uf; “dot” edu macroecology, virus ecology
Lucille Watkins lucymw”at”ufl”dot”edu Flora/fauna interactions under changing climate conditions, ecological disturbance and wildlife epidemiology