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Jamie Gillooly

Current Projects

Currently, much of my research focuses on how principles of individual energetics can be used to better understand ecological and evolutionary processes at different scales. In many cases, this falls under the category of “macroecology”. Please refer to my publications for more information.

Courses Taught


  • Integrated Principles of Biology (ecology and evolution sections)


  • Macroecology: Graduate
  • Physiological Ecology: Graduate

Graduate Students

David Anderson

  • Research Interests: Physiology, climate change, theoretical ecology
  • Contact Info: daan4786″at”ufl”dot”edu

Lucille Watkins

  • Research Interests: Flora/fauna interactions under changing climate conditions, ecological disturbance and wildlife epidemiology
  • Contact Info: lucymw”at”ufl”dot”edu

Undergraduate Students

Daniel P. Carvill

  • Research Interests: Anything in biology related specifically to Climate change, population ecology, and ethology. Currently studying stress and its effect on metabolic rate and life expectancy.
  • Contact Info: dcarvill “at” ufl “dot” edu

Rachel Han

  • Research Interests: Macroecology, Metabolic Theory of Ecology, Genetics, Evolution, Astrobiology, Intersections between Science/Technology & Law, Political Science
  • Contact Info: rachelhan94 “at” ufl “dot” edu

Lauren Holian

  • Research Interests: Ecology, Epidemiology, Conservation & Zoology
  • Contact Info: lholianuf14 “at” ufl “dot” edu

Gillooly Lab Alumni

  • Andrew Hein – Ph.D. student (Andrew’s Website)
  • Vincent Cannataro – Ph.D. student
  • Ashkaan Fahimipour – undergraduate researcher
  • Julia Greene – undergraduate researcher
  • April Hayward – postdoctoral associate (April’s Website)
  • Chelsea Heatherington – undergraduate researcher
  • Chen Hou – postdoctoral associate (Chen’s Website)
  • Katrina Keirsted – undergraduate researcher
  • Mike McCoy – postdoctoral associate (Mike’s Website)
  • Alex Ophir – postdoctoral associate (Alex’s Website)
  • Steven Schrader – undergraduate researcher
  • Ariel Zych – masters student