Professional Service

I have always enjoyed participating in all aspects of my profession, from my national and international organizations, to the university, to my department. Every service responsibility results in my learning a great deal about how the profession functions and how to handle an entirely new set of issues and problems. It also results in a new set of friends and associates with whom my students and I enjoy interacting. I have served as an Associate Editor of Evolution (1987-90), on the Editorial Board of Animal Behaviour (1988-1991) and Editor of Ethology (1991-1997). From 2002-2005 I was one of the editors for Advances in the Study of Behavior and then editor-in-chief (2005-2015). I have served in several capacities for the Animal Behavior Society, including Treasurer (elected 2 terms) (1982-1988), Second President-Elect (elected) 1989-1990, First President-Elect (1990-1991), President (1991-1992), and Past-President (1992-1993). I was the elected US representative to the International Ethological Conference Council (1984-1991), served as its Vice-Secretary General (1995-1999) and then as the IEC Secretary-General  (1999-2003. I was elected a Councilor of the International Society of Behavioral Ecology (1998-2002) and Secretary/Treasurer of the American Institute of Biological Sciences (1998-2004). I have served on many grant review panels, evaluation panels, program reviews, and advisory committees for the National Science Foundation, the National Research Council, the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, the Swedish National Research Council as well as serving as an external reviewer of university departments. I have also served on peer review panels for the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission and I enjoy working with the teachers and State natural resource professionals in their program Green Eggs and Sand, a Tri-State Horseshoe Crab/Shorebird Education Program. In 2003-4 I was the Animal Behavior Program Director at the National Science Foundation In 2000 I was honored to receive the Animal Behavior Society Distinguished Service Award. Since 2011 I have spent more time giving public lectures to a number of groups, such as the Marine Discovery Center in New Smyrna Beach, FL and the Whitney Marine Lab. I continue to attend International Ethological and Behavioral Ecology meetings as well as the International Workshop on the Science and Conservation of Horseshoe Crabs.   I serve on the IUCN SSC, Horseshoe Crab Specialist Group.