congratulation Dr.Varun

joining Edward Valeev as a post-doctoral fellow at Virginia tec

Frontiers article: The power of exact conditions in electronic structure theory, Rodney J. Bartlett, Duminda S. Ranasinghe,Chemical Physics Letters 669 (2017) 54–70

Once electron correlation is included in an effective one-particle operator, one has a correlated orbital theory (COT). One such theory is Kohn-Sham density functional theory (KS-DFT), but there are others.… Read More

FRONTIERS ARTICLE: Towards an exact correlated orbital theory for electrons,Rodney J. Bartlett, Chemical Physics Letters, 484, (2009) 1–9

The formal and computational attraction of effective one-particle theories like Hartree–Fock and density functional theory raise the question of how far such approaches can be taken to offer exact results… Read More