PostDoc & Graduate Alumni

PhotoNameYear of DegreeCurrent Position
Sam-DSC_1273Samantha Hilber, PhD

I am interested in the evolution and behavior of fishes. For my dissertation, I investigated patterns of biparental investment in relation to aspects of sexual selection. Specifically, I examined if male and female convict cichlids use information about parent care behaviors when make mate choice decisions, and if female convict cichlids increase a behavior key to offspring survival when engaging in mate guarding. I strongly believe in providing students an opportunity to participate in scientific research during their education, and I also believe in fostering collaboration between scientists and hobbyists interested in fishes to further our understanding of fish biology. In my spare time, I foster dogs and cats through local rescues, and compete in Nose Work (a canine scent detection sport for companion dogs) with my Florida brown dog.
2014Adjunct Lecturer, Dept. of Biology, University of Florida Online
Dimitri Blondel, PhD2013PostDoc, Dept. of ????, Duke University
Christopher Monk, MS2013PhD Student
B_ReynoldsElizabeth Dippon, MS2010
Rebecca E. Hale, PhD2006Assistant Professor,
Dept. Biology, North Carolina State, Asheville
Melissa Nasuti, MS2006
Rachel Schwab, MS2006
ChristaProfileKrista McCoy, PhD
2007Assistant Professor, Dept. of ????, East Carolina University
Charles "Billy" Gunnels, PhDAssociate Professor
Dept of Biology, Florida Gulf Coast University
Benjamin Minor, PhDBenjamin Minor, PhD2003Associate Professor
Dept of Biology, Western Washington University
Bradon Chockley, MS2002Data Analyst, FishBase, Portland, Oregon
Sanford Boye, MS2000Associate Scientist, University of Florida
Brain Farina, MST2000
B. Lock Rogers, PhD
Post DocAgnes Scott College, Georgia