Prospective Students

Graduate and Undergraduate Research Opportunities

Also see my own research interests and check out the Department of Zoology Undergraduate and Graduate program information

My philosophy

I place a high priority on undergraduate research experiences and graduate education. In my own experience, critical thought and scientific development are fostered by an open and encouraging environment. Such an environment requires that students, as well as faculty, present their ideas and research, and receive and benefit from critical feedback. To this aim, I encourage frequent and open communication with all my students and routinely sponsor and participate in lab meetings and seminars in which students and faculty present research problems for discussion.


  • Undergraduates

I have undergraduates involved in nearly every facet of my research program as do my graduate students. Typically, interested students are encouraged to volunteer for a semester and if all works well they may work with me or my graduate students on more independent research projects. The students who are currently working under my supervision are involved in laboratory and/or field studies in essentially all areas in which the lab is working.

  • Graduate Students

I currently have students working in the areas of life-history evolution, evolutionary aspects of cancer biology and aging, reproductive behavioral ecology, animal personality and the application of life history theory to fisheries management. My students bring to bare a range of approaches in their research typically including both theoretical and empirical components in their research. See Current and Alumni Members of the lab for examples!

If you share my interests and are considering applying to our graduate program please take a look at the interests of our graduate faculty as a whole and contact those of us who share your interests about your application.  Also visiting our Evolution @ UF page, highlighting the diversity of evolutionary research here at UF, a similar Behavior @ UF page is coming soon!