Courses Taught


Courses Taught

Since 1955 when I arrived in the mathematics department at the University of Florida, I have taught mathematics in a variety of areas including topology, real analysis, complex analysis, advanced calculus, abstract algebra, linear algebra, vector analysis, differential equations with and without Fourier Series, modern geometry, and non-Euclidean geometry.

More recently, I have taught Calculus II classes. However I have taught Calculus I, Calculus III as well as Honors Calculus II and Honors Calculus III. I have taught Math of Finance and Business Calculus.

When I came to the University in 1955, faculty were expected to teach a heavy course load. Seventeen hour teaching loads were common. Two years later in 1957, the Russians were the first to send a satellite into orbit.Sputnik was the name given this satellite, and it sparked the Space Race. American reaction was to prompt our federal government to get into science and technological education in a big way under the guise of protecting our country from the Soviets. With Federal aid to education, money came pouring in. John Maxfield became the chair of the UF math department in 1960 and he was given the money to hire more faculty. Teaching loads were reduced and emphasis was even more on research. This was happening everywhere.

I have taught at this university for 57 years plus another semester (from September of 1955, into December of 2012). The last 5 years of my teaching tenure, I was teaching part time with emeritus status. Nevertheless I always regarded my part time teaching (from 2008 through 2012) as full time, because of my passion for teaching and thus, I devoted many hours to what I was doing.

I am not currently teaching.