South Eastern Logic Symposium 2021

The conference.

The South Eastern Logic Symposium (SEALS) 2021 will take place on February 27-28, 2021. The conference will take place online (site to be announced) with a Gathertown shell and embedded zoom lectures. If you want to attend, please write to me ( and I will send you the links. Attendance is limited and I will give out the links until we are full. The program committee consists of Dana Bartosova, Doug Cenzer, and Jindrich Zapletal, of University of Florida.

Invited speakers and Participants.

Plenary:  Natasha Dobrinen, Damir Dzafarov, Andrew Marks, Antonio Montalban

Computability: Chris Conidis,  Marta Fiori-Carones, Meng-Che (Turbo) Ho, Jeff Hirst, Carl Mummert, Ludovic Patey, Arno Pauly, Sarah Reitzes, Diego Rojas, Reed Solomon, James Walsh, Linda Brown Westrick

Set Theory:  Joshua Frisch, Jan Hubicka. Matej Konecny, Alex Kruckman, Chris Lambie-Hanson, Patrick Lutz, Miriam Parnes, Rehana Patel, Lynn Scow, Spencer Unger


a preliminary schedule is here and a book of abstracts is here.


Margaret Somers ( for fiscal matters, Jindrich Zapletal ( for program and scheduling matters.


The conference is supported by NSF award 1945890, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of University of Florida, the mathematics department of University of Florida, and office of research of University of Florida.