Colloquium, Spring 2019

The canonical time and room is 9th period (4:05-4:55pm) in the Atrium (Little Hall 339), but nonstandard days and rooms will happen.

Some additional relevant sites:

Speaker Affiliation Title Inviting Host Colloquium Host Date Day Time Room
 Zachary Hamaker University of Michigan    Schubert calculus, involutions and symmetric matrice Vatter 01/07/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Sun Kim University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Two identities in Ramanujan’s Lost Notebook & Bressoud’s conjecture Alladi 01/09/2019 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Tri Lai University of Nebraska – Lincoln Enumeration of Tilings and Related Problems Vatter 01/11/2019 Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
  01/14/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
MLK Day   01/21/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Jay Taylor Character Values of Finite Reductive Groups 01/25/2019 Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
    01/28/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Alex Blumenthal Chaotic regimes for random dynamical systems 02/01/2019 Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
  02/04/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Vu Thai Luan Southern Methodist Advanced time integration methods for large-scale stiff nonlinear systems of differential equations 02/06/2019 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Jesse Thorner Stanford   A new approach to bounding $L$-functions 02/08/2019 Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Tracey Stepien Cell migration from birth to death: Modeling and analyzing the motion of cells in tissues and tumors 02/13/2019 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Daniel Robinson  Effectively Using Negative Curvature in Optimization and Scalable Methods for Subspace Clustering 02/18/2019 Mon 3:00pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Natasha Dobrinen  

Ramsey Theory on Infinite Graphs

Cenzer 02/18/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
    02/25/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Spring Break 03/04/2019 Mon 4:05pm  Atrium (LIT 339)
Alex Lubotzky Hebrew Univ, Jerusalem

From Ramanujan graphs to Ramanujan complexes

Alladi 03/11/2019 Mon 4:05pm  LIT 101
Robert Ghrist University of Pennsylvania Dongxing Wong Lecture: A Vision of Multivariable Calculus Knudson 03/18/2019 Mon 4:05pm  LIT 101
03/25/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
 Asen Dontchev University of Michigan/ AMS A Model Predictive Control Algorithm Hager 04/01/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Andrey Morozov University of Leicester Towards constructing a mathematically rigorous framework for modelling evolutionary fitness Martcheva 04/08/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Michael Dritschel University of Newcastle Factoring non-negative operator valued trigonometric polynomials in two variables McCullough 04/12/2019 FRI 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Claude R. LeBrun Stony Brook University Mass in Kaehler Geometry Di Cerbo 04/15/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Li Chen Mannheim University Analysis on Keller-Segel Models in Chemotaxis Yu 04/22/2019 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)