MAT6932 Seminar in Topology

Time and Location

T5 LIT 368, T6,

Description and Goals:


TOPOLOGY and Dynamics SEMINAR meets on Tuesdays 5th period in LIT 368 (in the Spring 2021 meets online).



January 19th Organizational meeting

January 26th Dmitri Burago, Penn State University “On some unsolved problems in Geometry and around”

February 2nd Nikola Milicevic “Simplicial and cubical homologies of closure spaces”

February 9th Rustam Sadykov, Kansas State University, “On non-orientable surfaces embedded in 4-manifolds”

February 16th Jamie Scott, “On the Topological Complexity of Maps”

February 23rd Luca Di Cerbo “On the Thick-Thin decomposition”

March 2nd Steve Trettel, Stanford University “Raymarching the Thurston Geometries: visual intuition for geometric topology in 3 dimensions”

March 9th Jacek Brodzki, University of Southampton, UK “Gyroscopes and topology”

March 16th Alex Dranishnikov “On Gromov’s Scalar Curvature Conjecture”

March 23rd Alex Elchesen “Virtual Persistence Diagrams, Wasserstein Distance, and Universality”

March 30th Iryna Hartsock “Properties of the space of persistence diagrams” 

April 6th Phil Boyland “Generalizing pseudoAnosov maps”

April 13th Stefano Vidussi, UC Riverside “Algebraic fibrations of surface-by-surface groups”

April 20th Martina Scolamiero, KTH “Extracting persistence features with hierarchical stabilisation”



September 1st Organizational meeting

September 15th  Vladimir Chernov (Dartmouth College) “Khovanov homology and causality in spacetimes”

September 22nd Michael Daher “Cell-like maps and convergence in the Gromov Hausdorff Space”

September 29th Jamie Scott “The LS-category and the Topological Complexity of Maps” (oral exam)

October 6th Luca Di Cerbo “Some thoughts about 3-manifolds”

October 13th Michael Albanese (Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM) & McGill) “Connected Sums of Almost Complex Manifolds”

October 20th Henry Adams (Colorado State University) “Bridging applied and quantitative topology”

October 27th Alex Dranishnikov “On Iwase’s manifolds”

November 3rd Peter Bubenik “Topology and Deep Learning”

November 10th Basak Gurel (UCF) “Symplectic topology and dynamics of pseudo-rotations”

November 17th Phil Boyland “On the abundance of Denjoy minimal sets”

December 1st  Jan Boronski (AGH University of Science and Technology, Krakow, Poland) “Crovisier-Pujals-like 1-dimensional models for Lozi maps within the Misiurewicz parameter set ‘

December 8th Leone Slavich “Compact hyperbolic manifolds without spin structure”


This is a research seminar with a long tradition. It meets on Tuesdays.

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Schedule for 2019

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For old seminars see `seminars’ here. 

Graduate Student Topology Seminar is a survey seminar in Topology (meets online in the Spring 2021, Tuesdays 7th period):

          UF Graduate Student TOPOLOGY SEMINAR




January 19th Organizational meeting

January 26th Jamie Scott “An Informal Introduction to Surgery Theory”

February 2nd Jamie Scott “L-groups”

February 9th Jamie Scott “Simply Connected Surgery”

February 16th Deep Kundu “Morse Theory part 2( Morse Inequalities)”

February 23rd Nursultan Kuanyshev “Vector Bundle and Projective Module”

March 2nd Nursultan Kuanyshev “Vector Bundle and Projective Module.II”

March 9th Micelle Daher “On the Novikov and related conjectures”

March 16th Micelle Daher “On the Novikov and related conjectures.II”

March 25th Micelle Daher PhD Defense

March 30th No Seminar

April 6th Nikola Milicevic “Operations on constructible functions”

April 13th Nikola Milicevic “Operations on constructible functions.II”

April 20th Deep Kundu “Introduction to the Lusternik-Schnirelmann category”


September 1st (6th period) Organizational meeting

September 15th Trevor Davila “Knot Theory and Quantum Computing” 

September 22nd Trevor Davila “Knot Theory and Quantum Computing.II” 

September 29th Jamie Scott “The LS-category and the Topological Complexity of Maps” (oral exam starts at 11:45)

October 6th Nursultan Kuanyshov “Eilenberg-Zilber Theorem”

October 13th Nursultan Kuanyshov “Eilenberg-Zilber Theorem.II”

October 20th Michelle Daher “Surgery and CE-maps”

October 27th Michelle Daher (canceled)

November 3rd Michael Freedman “A Friendly Introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras” Part 1 of 3

November 10th Michael Freedman “A Friendly Introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras” Part 2 of 3

November 17th Michael Freedman “A Friendly Introduction to Lie groups and Lie algebras” Part 3 of 3

December 1st Mahya Aghaee “Application of topology in optimization theory (the tent method)”

December 8th Deep Kundu “Morse theory”



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Grading Scale

80%Attendance+20%Presentation and Problem solving; A if >85, B+ if > 80.

Attendance and Late Policy

Attendance is strictly recommended.