MAT6932 Seminar in Topology

Time and Location

T5 LIT 423, T8 LIT 423,

Description and Goals:


TOPOLOGY and Dynamics SEMINAR meets on Tuesdays 5th period in LIT 368 (LIT 423 for the Spring 2019).



January 15th Organizational meeting

January 22nd M. Abdalla,  “Second Minimal Orbits, Sharkovski Ordering, and Universality in Chaos”

January 29th A. Dranishnikov “Dimension of product of groups”

February 5th Michelle Daher “On Macroscopic dimension of non-spin 4-manifolds with residually finite fundamental group”

February 12th Phil Boyland “Statistical Stability for Barge-Martin attractors derived from tent maps”

February 19th Kevin Knudson “Discrete Stratified Morse Theory”

February 26th Jed Keesling “Using Toral Automorphisms to Generate Random Numbers”

March 12th John Oprea, Cleveland State University “Categorical constraints on geometry”

March 19th Bin Sun, Vanderbilt University “Cohomology of group theoretic Dehn fillings”

March 26th Parker Edwards “Persistence Landscapes are Graded Persistence Diagrams​”

April 2nd Mike Hull “Random walks in groups acting on hyperbolic spaces”

April 9th Luca Di Cerbio “On smooth projective varieties with large fundamental group”

April 16th Nikola Milicevic “Homology and Homotopy Theories of Čech Closure Spaces”

April 23rd No seminar


August 28th Organizational meeting

September 11th Luca Fabrizio Di Cerbo “Hyperbolic Manifolds of Small Volume, I” 

September 18th Luca Fabrizio Di Cerbo “Hyperbolic Manifolds of Small Volume, II” 

September 19th Tom Needham, Ohio State University “Gromov-Monge Quasimetrics and Distance Distributions” Special meeting at 3:00-3:50 LIT 233

September 25th Edgar Bering, Temple University “When can you twist out exponentially growing outer automorphisms?”

October 2nd Mike Hull, “Homomorphisms to 3–manifold groups”

October 9th Carolyn Abbott, UC Berkeley “Ordering actions on hyperbolic spaces” 

October 16th Peter Bubenik, “The persistence landscape and some of its properties”

October 23rd Osman Okutan, Ohio State “Metric graph approximations of geodesic spaces”

October 30th Alex Dranishnikov, “Lusternik-Schnirelmann category and the fundamental group”

November 6th Luigi Lombardi, Stony Brook, “Asymptotic growth of cohomology ranks and vanishing of L^2 Betti numbers”

November 13th Trevor Davila,”Infinite Dimensional Coarse Geometry of Groups and Spaces”

November 20th Vladimir Chernov, Dartmouth College

November 27th Andres Angel, University of Bogota, Columbia, “Equivarant topological complexities and Morita equivalence”

December 4th Eric Pedersen, University of Copenhagen “Controlled algebra”



This is a research seminar with a long tradition. It meets on Tuesdays.

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For old seminars see `seminars’ here. 

Graduate Student Topology Seminar meets on Tuesdays 8th period in LIT 423. It is a survey seminar in Topology:

          UF Graduate Student TOPOLOGY SEMINAR


January 15th Organizational meeting

January 22nd no meeting

January 29th Michelle Daher “On spin manifolds”

February 5th Jamie Scott “Topological Complexity and Configuration Spaces”

February 12th Jamie Scott “Polygon Space and the Robot Arm”

February 19th Nikola “Milicevic Verdier duality”

February 26th Nikola “Milicevic Verdier duality.II”

March 12th Michelle Daher oral exam

March 19th Trevor Davila “CAT(0) cube complexes”

March 26th Trevor Davila “CAT(0) cube complexes.II”

April 2nd  Trevor Davila “CAT(0) cube complexes.III”

April 9th Parker Edwards

April 16th Parker Edwards

April 23rd No seminar



September 11th Trevor Davila “Introduction to K-theory of C*-Algebras​.I”

September 18th Trevor Davila “Introduction to K-theory of C*-Algebras​.II”

September 25th Jamie Scott “Introduction to Obstruction Theory”

October 2nd Jamie Scott “Introduction to Obstruction Theory.II”

October 16th Nikola Milicevic “Sheaf Theory and Persistence”

October 23rd Nikola Milicevic “Sheaf Theory and Persistence.II”

October 30th Nikola Milicevic “Sheaf Theory and Persistence.III”

November 6th Parker Edwards  “An Introduction to Euler Calculus”

November 13th Yuli Rudyak “Critical points and maps of degree one”

November 20th no seminar

November 27th Michelle Daher, “Surgery in dimension 4”

December 4th no seminar



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Grading Scale

80%Attendance+20%Presentation and Problem solving; A if >85, B+ if > 80.

Attendance and Late Policy

Attendance is strictly recommended.