MAT6932 Seminar in Topology

Time and Location

T5 LIT 368, W9 LIT 368,

Description and Goals:


TOPOLOGY and Dynamics SEMINAR meets on Tuesdays 5th period.



August 29th Organizational meeting

September 12th  Mike Hull

September 19th Jed Keesling

September 26th Peter Bubenik

October 3rd Peter Bubenik

October 10th visitor

October 17th visitor

October 24th Phil Boyland

October 31st Alex Wagner

November 7th Alex Dranishnikov

November 14th

November 21st

November 28th Mike Catanzaro

December 5th





January 10th  organizational meeting

January 17th  Spencer Dowdall “Hyperbolicity in Outer space with applications to free group extensions”

January 24th Greg Conner (BYU) “Homotopy invariants of locally complicated spaces”

January 31st Phil Boyland “Applications of the Oxtoby-Ulam Theorem”

February 7th Jed Keesling “Topological entropy and the quadratic family”

February 14th Jurek Dydak (UTK) “Matrix algebra of sets  and variants of decomposition complexity”

February 21st Kevin Knudson “Persistence vs. Discrete Morse Theory”

February 28th Kevin Knudson “Persistence vs. Discrete Morse Theory.II”

March 14th John Klein (Wayne State University) “Hypercurrents”

March 21st Mike Catanzaro “Exciton Scattering for Topologists”

March 28th Lou Block “Inverse limits which are the pseudoarc”

April 4th Alex Wagner Oral exam

April 11th Ash Amarasinghe PhD defense

April 18th Yuri Bahturin (Memorial University of Newfoundland) “Graded division algebras”


This is a research seminar with a long tradition. It meets on Tuesdays. For old seminars see `seminars’ here. 

Schedule for 2016

Schedule for 2015



Graduate Student Topology Seminar meets on Wednesdays 9th period. It is a survey seminar in Topology:

          UF Graduate Student TOPOLOGY SEMINAR


August 23rd Organizational meeting


August 30th  Trevor Davila 

September 13th  Trevor Davila 

September 20th  

September 27th  

October 4th 

October 11th 

October 18th 

October 25th 

November 1st  

November 8th 

November 15th 

November 22nd No Seminar

November 29th 

December 6th 



January  10th Organizational meeting

January 17th no meeting

January 24th Ash Amarasinghe “Spaces of non-negatively curved surfaces”

January 31st Trevor Davila “Median Spaces and Groups”

February 7th Trevor Davila  “Median Spaces and Groups.II”

February 14th Trevor Davila “Median Spaces and Groups.III”

February 21st Parker Edwards “Finding Matchings for Persistence Diagrams”

February 28th Parker Edwards “Finding Matchings for Persistence Diagrams.II”

March 14th Lacy Johnson “A discrete analogue to min-max theory”

March 21st Leo Betthauser “Topological shape reconstruciton”

March 28th Michelle Daher “On finitely dominated spaces and Wall’s finiteness obstruction”

April 11th Alex Wagner  Oral Exam

April 11th Ash Amarasinghe PhD defense

April 18th Chindu Mohanakumar “Universal bundles”



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Grading Scale

80%Attendance+20%Presentation and Problem solving; A if >85, B+ if > 80.

Attendance and Late Policy

Attendance is strictly recommended.