Elements of TOPOLOGY 2

Text: “Topology”  by J. Munkres 2nd edition

Schedule and Room: MWF6 LIT 221


40%HW+30%MT+30%Final; A if >90, A- if >85 B+ if > 80, B if > 70, B- if > 65, C if > 50.

Four Quizzes are based on the Homeworks

One in class Midterm (MT), Home-taken Final

Extra credit is given for in class presentation  up to 20% and for solving extra credit problems.

No make-ups.


Attendance is strictly recommended.

Office Hours:

MW7 LIT 464

Description of the Course:

Urysohn Lemma

Tietze Extension Theorem

Tychonoff Theorem

Stone-Cech Compactification

Baire category theorem.

Function spaces and their topologies.

Fundamental group

Classification of Surfaces (if time permits)


Topics for presentations


Solutions to Q1

Solutions to Q2

Solutions to Q3

Solutions to Q4



Solutions to MT


Solutions to the Final 


· Announcements: MT Exam is on February 28th covering sections 32-35, 38, 43-46, 48.

Current Standing:

· Section  4623/17872

· Section  6171/17900