Elementary Differential Equations

Text: “Differential Equations”  by Nagle, Saff, Snider,  9th ed.

Schedule and Room:

MWF 8 MAT 114


30%HW+30%MT+40%Final; A if >90, A- if >85 B+ if > 80, B if > 70, B- if > 65, C if > 50.

Six Quizzes based on the Homeworks, one will be dropped

Two in class Midterms: February 27th, April 12th, and  Final.

No make-ups.


Attendance is strictly recommended.

Office Hours:

WF6 LIT 464

Description of the Course: Ch.1-7


Solutions to Q1

Solutions to Q2

Solutions to Q3

Solutions to Q4

Solutions to Q5

Solutions to Q6

Solutions to MT1

Solutions to MT2

Solutions to the Final 


· Announcements:

FINAL is on May 1st 12:30-2:30 MAT 114

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· Section 3151