Curriculum Vitae

CV 2017

Editorial work

·  Editors of Proceedings of AMS (2004-2012)

·  Editors of Algebraic and Geometric Topology (AGT)

·  Editors of Topology and its Applications

·  Advisory Board of Topology Proceedings

·  Editors of Fundamenta Mathematicae

·  Editors of Journal of Topology and Analysis (JTA)

·  Reviewer for MR (1993-2007)


My Students

Alexei Karinskii, MS. 1992;
Alexei’s publications

Greg Bell, Ph.D. “Asymtotic dimension of groups”, 2002;
Greg’s publications

Rustam Sadykov, Ph.D. “Singularities of Smooth maps”, 2005;
Rustam’s publications

Sergey Melikhov, Ph.D. “Geometry of link invariants”, 2005;
Sergey’s publications

Yuri Turygin , Ph.D. “Borsuk-Ulam property of finite group action on manifolds and applications”, 2007;
Yuri’s publications

Justin Smith , Ph.D. “Discrete Groups from a Coarse Perspective”, 2007;
Justin’s publications

Thanos Gentimis , Ph. D. “Properties of groups at infinity”, 2011;
Thanos’s publications

Brad Groff , MS, 2010;

 Sergii Kutsak , Ph. D. “Essential Manifolds with Extra Structures”, 2013;

Sergii’s publications

 Tulsi Srinivasan, Ph. D. “The Lusternik-Schnirelmann category of Peano continua”, 2015;

Tulsi’s publications

Ashwini Amarasinghe, Ph. D. “Acyclicity Properties of Complements of Subsets in the Hilbert cube”, 2017

Ash’s publications

 Fred Byrd, dropped

Trevor Davila, current

Trevor’s publications

Michelle Daher, current