Some activities in the lab:

flow through experiments
Laibin and Caitlin prep flow through experiments to evaluate N and microbial responses to changing salinity of subterranean estuaries
Sunny weighitng
Sunny weighing samples in preparation for P extraction experiments of wetland sediments


Some images of analytical equipment in my lab.  Additional equipment includes numerous field sampling devices, 222Rn field analyzers, data logging equipment, and field vehicles.

AA crop
Four channel Seal AA3 for nutrient analyses
Picarro Cavity Ring Down Spectrometer for simultaneous measurements of CO2, CH4, and C isotopes of both.
IC crop
Dionex IC1600 for major cation concentrations and IC2100 for major anion concentrations
fluor crop
Hitachi Fluorescence Spectrometer F-7000 for organic carbon characterization