A Page for Arthurnet

A Page for Arthurnet
Edwin Austin Abbey, “The Key to the Castle,” Boston Public Library

Good-bye, Arthurnet

Arthurnet was an email discussion list for matters pertaining to the literature and legend of King Arthur in all its forms. It is sponsored by Arthuriana, the journal of the North American Branch of the International Arthurian Society. The moderator 1995-2014 was Judy Shoaf. Since her resignation on November 3, 2014, there is no email list. If it is reborn, it may have a different mission and subscriber list, depending on the new moderator and sponsor.

The list was hosted by Memorial University Newfoundland, which maintains a complete, searchable archive of posts at http://lists.mun.ca/archives/arthurnet.html

To the right you will find some of the bits and pieces of Arthurian lore collected by the moderator over the years. If there is an old page of this sort that you are looking for, but don’t see, try the search function.

Some useful items from the good old days:

Arthur from Scratch

King Arthur in Medieval Sources