I am a mathematical biologist interested in modeling biological phenomena. I use population dynamics approach to modeling. Basic mathematical tools that I use include

  • Ordinary differential equations
  • Age-structured partial differential equations
  • Discrete delay and distributed delay differential equations
  • Discrete equations
  • Diffusion equations

All models that I consider are deterministic models. I am interested in studying equilibria and their local and global stability. I have found chaos in some of my models. I also deviseĀ  numerical methods for the partial differential equation models. In addition, I am interested in fitting models to data and performing model selection.

Biological themes that I have been investigating are:

  • Epidemiology of infectious diseases: avian influenza, malaria, HIV
  • Immunology of infectious diseases: Hepatitis C, WNV, HIV, M. Paratuberculosis (MAP)
  • Linking immunological and epidemiological modeling of infectious diseases
  • Meta-population modeling
  • Predator-prey and competition modeling
  • Erythropoesis in dialysis patients