Current Students



Staci Ouch is a first year doctoral student in the UF counseling psychology program. Staci earned a B.S. in Psychology and B.B.A. in Business Management from the University of Houston. Currently, her professional interests include exploring the health disparities, coping processes, and effects of multiple minority stress within LGBTQ+ individuals. In her free time, Staci enjoys playing guitar, cooking, reading, and playing tennis. 




Andrea Guastello is a fourth year doctoral student in the UF counseling psychology program. Andrea earned BAs in Psychology and in Writing Intensive English from Marquette University. Currently, Andrea’s professional interests focus primarily on evidenced based treatment for obsessive compulsive and related disorders. In addition to her professional and academic life, Andrea enjoys swimming, SCUBA diving, traveling, cooking, and playing with her Old English Sheepdog, Bobbi. 




Alex Lenzen is a fifth year student in the UF counseling psychology program. Alex is currently completing her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Texas at Austin. Alex grew up in St. Cloud, Minnesota and earned her BAs in Psychology and Communication from the College of Saint Benedict. Her professional interests include understanding and combating oppression using an intersectional feminist lens. She is particularly interested in the prejudice and discrimination experiences of women and LGBTQ+ individuals. In her free time, Alex enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing board games, and being outside.