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Under contract with Wiley-Blackwell Press, the Tacitus Encyclopedia is the first comprehensive reference work to be published in English on Tacitus, one of our richest sources for the history of the early Roman empire. The two-volume set is designed to complement existing scholarship on Tacitus by providing readers of all levels an approachable means of access to the Annals, Histories, Agricola, Germania, and Dialogue on Orators. This project aims to give standard background information necessary for enhanced appreciation of the people, places, and topics fundamental to Tacitean studies. Entries offer in-depth treatment of the content and contexts of Tacitus’ history and reception from antiquity to the 21st century. The Tacitus Encyclopedia will be published in two volumes in print and also online. It will comprise approximately 1,000 entries, and will appear in the same series as the Virgil Encyclopedia, edited by Richard F. Thomas and Jan M. Ziolkowski.

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photograph of Lyon Tablet in Gallo-Roman Museum, Lyon.