MAP 2302 Elementary Differential Equations

Basic Information

Instructor:  Maia  Martcheva

Office: 469 Little Hall


Course Meetings:  MWF  12:50-1:40 (Period 6)    LIT  121


Office Hours: M,F 9:35-10:25 (Period 3)    W  1:55-2:45  (Period 7)   or by appointment



Exam Schedule

  • Midterm Exam 1:   September 19, 2018  (in class)
  • Midterm Exam 2:   October 17, 2018  (in class) 
  • Midterm Exam 3:  November 14,  2018  (in class)
  • Final Exam:  December 3, 2018  (in class).



Homework will  be  assigned in the online computer system accompanying the book, MyMathLab through Canvas.   Some of the homework problems will be given on the exams.
Note: You can read more details about the class from the syllabus.  You can  find some past exams on this page below. Lecture notes from the class will be posted on Canvas.

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