My Research Group

Our research

We study a range of problems in topological data analysis. At the graduate level and beyond, our main focus is on developing tools and understanding their properties. At the undergraduate level the main focus is on applying topological data analysis. However, there is a mix of these aspects at all levels.

In addition to using algebraic topology, there are connections with many areas of mathematics, including metric geometry, linear algebra, commutative algebra, category theory, representation theory, real analysis, and probability. There are crucial connections with statistics, algorithms and machine learning. We are also interested in applications in biology, geospatial imaging, physics and other fields.

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining my group, please take a look at my Topological Data Analysis page, my Research page, and some of the references therein.

Current Members

Peter Bubenik

  • Faculty
  • Topological data analysis: theory and applications

 Michael Catanzaro

  • Postdoctoral Associate
  • Applied topology, stochastic topology, mathematical physics



Alexander Wagner

  • Graduate student
  • topological data analysis, machine learning, representation theory


Leo Betthauser

  • Graduate student

Parker Edwards

  • Graduate student

Nikola Milicevic

  • Graduate student

Alexander Elchesen

  • Graduate student

Dhruv Patel

  • Graduate student

Benjamin Whittle

  • Undergraduate student

Sam Rizzo

  • Undergraduate student



Tane Vergili

  • Was: Visiting researcher
  • Now: Faculty at Ege University, Department of Mathematics