South Eastern Logic Symposium 2017

The conference.

The South Eastern Logic Symposium (SEALS) 2017 will take place on March 4 and 5, 2017. The conference site is 358 Little Hall on the campus of University of Florida.  The program committee consists of Doug Cenzer, Jean Larson, Michael Hull, and Jindrich Zapletal, of University of Florida,

Invited speakers.

The conference will start with a colloquium talk on Friday March 3, 4:05pm, the speaker will be  Andy Lewis-Pye and the title  Sex or asex? [Note: the colloquium has been canceled.] Other speakers are shown in the table below.

Plenary speakers Set theory session Computability session
Christian Rosendal: Coarse equivalence, topological coupling, and a theorem of Gromov William Chan: Effective Scott ranks on some Polish spaces Eric Astor : Robust computation modulo “small” sets
Jan Reimann : Randomness vs definability hierarchies Michael Cohen: On the large scale geometry of diffeomorphism groups of 1-manifolds Matthew Harrison–Trainor : Optimal Scott sentences for groups
Russell Miller : Genericity, infinitary interpretations, and automorphism groups of structures Curt Kent : Fundamental groups of planar continua Christopher Porter : Rank and randomness
Marcin Sabok : Hyperfiniteness of boundary actions of cubulated hyperbolic groups Wesley Calvert: Generically and coarsely computable structures
Phillip Wesolek: Chief factors in locally compact Polish groups Ludovic Patey : The strength of the thin set theorems
Andrew Zucker : A topological interpretation of Devlin’s theorem Jennifer Chubb : Complexity of orderability of groups
Khalid Bou-Rabee: Determining a group’s properties through its finite quotients Mariya Soskova : Seven characterizations of the cototal enumeration degrees
Konstantinos Beros: Group homomorphism reductions Ekaterina Fokina: Degree spectra of structures
Tim Susse : Flows, dynamics and algorithms for 3-manifold groups Rose Weisshaar Forcing orders comparable to the Cohen or Mathias forcing orders
Sherwood Hachtman : Borel determinacy and computability in higher types

Jonny Stephenson: Computable categoricity on a cone and degrees of categoricity
Steve Jackson : Complexity of generic points and the specification property Francis Adams : Effective categoricity of ultrahomogeneous structures
Nicholas Touikan : Free conjugacy separability in limit groups


is here


Margaret Somers ( for fiscal and accommodation matters, Jindrich Zapletal ( for program and scheduling matters.

Local Information.

The location map with advice regarding the location of restaurants, hotels, and attractions is here. On Saturday starting at 7pm, we will have a conference dinner at Blue Gill in honor of Doug Cenzer’s anniversary. There will be a vegetarian option, a chicken option, a fish option, and a red meat option, hopefully making everyone a happy camper.

Other logistics.

If you are a plenary or special session speaker, you were offered travel reimbursement. You should be in contact with our secretary Margaret Somers regarding your accommodation, and you will be able to pick up a reimbursement check upon conference check-in. If you plan to stay over for a couple of days after the conference, please make arrangements with Margaret and inform Zapletal as well about your stay details.

There is a conference fee payable in cash or check upon conference check-in to cover catering expenses–which our grant does not cover. We charge USD25 for the conference refreshments plus USD33 for the conference dinner, for USD58 total, regardless of your reimbursement status. If you are bringing a significant other to the conference dinner, he or she needs to pay the dinner share as well.

We plan to publish a SEALS volume, and if you want to be a part of it, please let us know before the conference. Expository papers are welcome, at this point there is no set deadline.


The SEALS conference series is funded by the NSF grant DMS-1362273, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Office of Research of University of Florida.