Colloquium, Spring 2020

The canonical time and room is 9th period (4:05-4:55pm) in the Atrium (Little Hall 339), but nonstandard days and rooms will happen.

Some additional relevant sites:

Speaker Affiliation Title Inviting Host Colloquium Host Date Day Time Room
01/06/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Alexis Vasseur U Texas, Austin Paradoxes and challenges in the modeling of the viscosity for compressible viscous fluids Yu 01/13/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
MLK Day 01/20/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Joel Cohen Rockefeller University and Columbia Unoversity Ulam Collquium:Variance functions and Taylor’s law of fluctuation scaling 01/22/2020 Wed 4:05 LIT 101
Hubert Wagner IST Austria On data, information theory and topology 01/27/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Samir Chowdhury Stanford University Metric and Topological Approaches to Network Data Analysis 01/29/2020 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
G. Eric Moorhouse University of Wyoming Planes, Nets and Webs Sin 02/03/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Lise-Marie Imbert-Gerard University of Maryland Wave propagation in inhomogeneous media: An introduction to Generalized
Plane Waves
02/4/2020 Tues 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Tonatiuh Sanchez-Vizuet Courant Institute Computational mathematics: From wave-structure interaction to magnetic equilibrium in fusion reactors 02/5/2020 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Benjamin Schweinhart Ohio State University Topology and Geometry of Complex Systems 2/7/2020 Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Nan Jiang Missouri UST New algorithms and models for computing fluid flow equations 02/10/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Deep Ray Rice University Deep learning enhancements of numerical methods 02/12/2020 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Chris Bauch University of Waterloo Modelling interactions between disease dynamics and human social dynamics Martcheva 02/17/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Reserved — both days 02/19 – 2/21 Wed-Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Albert Fathi Georgia Tech Singularities of solutions of the Hamilton-Jacobi equation. A toy model: distance to a closed subset. Keesling 02/24/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Reserved 02/26/2020 Wed 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Alexandra Shlapentokh East Carolina University A problem with a sense of humor Cenzer 02/28/2020 Fri 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Spring Break 03/02/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
03/9/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
03/16/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
03/23/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
Ramanujan lecture canceled 03/30/2020 Mon 4:05pm LIT 101
AWM lecture  canceled 04/06/2020 Mon 4:05pm LIT 101
Dongxing Wang lecture canceled 04/08/2020 Wed 4:05pm LIT 101
04/13/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)
04/20/2020 Mon 4:05pm Atrium (LIT 339)