Current Funding

NIDA: R01 DA033436 (PI: Knackstedt)
“Glutamate Transporters and Cocaine Seeking”
7/1/2012 – 6/30/2018 (NCE)
TDC $857,980
This grant aims to use the animal model of reinstatement to investigate the role of glutamate transporters in the ability of the antibiotic ceftriaxone to prevent cocaine relapse in rats.

Department of Defense, Institute of Molecular Neuroscience Subcontract 804-244 (PI:Knackstedt)
“Development of an animal model and novel treatments for comorbid PTSD and cocaine addiction”
TDC $734,014
This grant aims to establish an animal model of comorbid PTSD and psychostimulant addiction for the screening of highly translational compounds to reduce PTSD symptoms and the motivation to seek cocaine.

NIDA R01 DA037270 PIs: Abou-Garbia, Rothstein 6/16/2014-2/28/2019
Role: Subcontract PI
“GLT-1 Enhancers as Drug Candidates for Treating Cocaine Addiction”
TDC to Knackstedt $190,374
This grant funds medicinal chemistry research to identify ceftriaxone analogs with better oral bioavailability and brain penetration. My role will be to test these new compounds for their ability to prevent cocaine reinstatement.