South Eastern Logic Symposium 2016

The conference.

The South Eastern Logic Symposium (SEALS) 2016 will take place on February 27 and 28 (Saturday and Sunday) with a colloquium talk by George Barmpalias (Minority population in the one-dimensional Schelling of segregation) on February 26 at 4pm. The conference site is 358 Little Hall on the campus of University of Florida. We have five plenary speakers and special sessions in computability and set theory. The program committee consists of Doug Cenzer, Jean Larson, Chris Porter and Jindrich Zapletal, of University of Florida, with external help of Paul Larson of Miami University of Ohio.

Invited speakers.

Plenary speakers Computability session Set theory session
Joe Miller: Generic Muchnik reducibility and expansions of the reals Ahmet Cevik: Degree spectrum properties of Pi01 classes William Chan: Analytic equivalence relations with all Borel classes are Borel somewhere
Jan Reimann: Effective aspects of diophantine approximation Ekaterina Fokina: Decidability, effective categoricity, and complexity of descriptions Carlos DiPrisco: Semiselective ideals and Mathias forcing
Slawomir Solecki: Generic tuples–logic and high homogeneity of the pseudo-arc Rutger Kuyper: Weihrauch reducibility and intuitionistic reverse mathematics Natasha Dobrinen: Ultrafilters with complete combinatorics over L(R)
Simon Thomas: Isomorphism and bi-embeddability relations for finitely generated groups Tim McNicholl: Isometry degrees of computable copies of lp Andrew Marks: Marker sets, paradoxicality, and the Ramsey property
Stevo Todorcevic: Open degrees of compact sets of Baire class 1 functions Selwyn Ng: Structure and categoricity computable without delay Jose Mijares Palacios: On the local Ramsey property and selectivity
Jake Pardo: Gambling against some odds Paul Larson: Canonical models for fragments of the axiom of choice
Reed Solomon: Strong computable reducibility and versions of Ramsey’s theorem Noah David Schweber
Marie Nicholson: Computable categoricity, linear orders and permitting Dimitris Vlitas: Canonical equivalence relations on the Ramsey space FINk
Takayuki Kihara: Computability methods in descriptive set theory Andreas Blass: Mutually generic selective ultrafilters


A preliminary version is here. The conference check-in is on Saturday 8:30am, the last talk will end before 1pm on Sunday.


Margaret Somers ( for fiscal and accommodation matters, Jindrich Zapletal ( for program and scheduling matters.

Local Information.

The location map with advice regarding the location of restaurants, hotels, and attractions is here. On Saturday at 8pm there will be a party at my house as every year.

Other logistics.

If you are a plenary or special session speaker, you were offered travel reimbursement. You should be in contact with our secretary Margaret Somers regarding your accommodation, and you will be able to pick up a reimbursement check upon conference check-in. If you plan to stay over for a couple of days after the conference, please make arrangements with Margaret and inform Zapletal as well about your stay details.

There is a conference fee of USD25 payable in cash or check upon conference check-in to cover catering expenses–which our grant does not cover.

We plan to publish a SEALS volume, and if you want to be a part of it, please let us know before the conference. Expository papers are welcome, at this point there is no set deadline.


The SEALS conference series is funded by the NSF grant DMS-1362273