South Eastern Logic Symposium 2018

The conference.

The South Eastern Logic Symposium (SEALS) 2018 will take place on March 3 and 4, 2017, with a colloquium talk by Andy Lewis-Pye on Friday March 2, 4pm. The conference site is 358 Little Hall on the campus of University of Florida.  The program committee consists of Doug Cenzer, Jean Larson, and Jindrich Zapletal, of University of Florida.

Invited speakers.


Plenary speakers Set theory session Computability session
Andrew Marks : A constructive solution to Tarski’s circle-squaring problem Francis Adams: The loose number of topologically presented graphs Rachael Alvir, Notre Dame : Scott sentences of scattered linear orders
Slawomir Solecki: Fraisse limits and compact spaces Dana Bartosova : On a problem of Ellis Peter Cholak : Encodable by thin sets
Julia Knight : Intrinsic computing power of structures Anton Bernshteyn: The Lovasz Local Lemma and measurable graph colorings Valentina Harizanov : Effective products of computable structures
William Chan : Equivalence class section uniformization George Barmpalias : From algorithmic learning of languages to learning probability distributions
Ronnie Chen: Structurability by contractible simplicial complexes Steffen Lempp:The computational complexity of strongly minimal theories
John Clemens, Boise State University : Borel partition properties for equivalence relations Ethan McCarthy : Cototal enumeration degrees
Clinton Conley: Unfriendly colorings Chris Porter: Aspects of Bernoulli randomness
Noah Schweber :Uniform reducibilities and counterexamples to Vaught’s conjecture Diego Rojas : Online computability and differentiation in the Cantor space
Douglas Ulrich: Borel complexity and biembeddability relations Dan Turetsky
Zoltan Vidnyanszky : Borel chromatic numbers: basis and antibasis results James Walsh : Hierarchies of proof-theoretic strength
Su Gao : Graph homomorphism problem for the Bernoulli shift Linda Westrick:Determined Borel sets in reverse math
Yann Pequignot : Embeddability of functions: order and chaos Guohua Wu :A result towards Kierstead’s conjecture for linear orders


The schedule is here. The book of abstracts is here. All activities will take place in Little Hall. The registration, coffee breaks and plenary talks are in the Atrium on the third floor, the special session talks are in rooms 113 and 121 on the first floor. This is a change from previous years. The rooms are all equipped with a blackboard and a computer projector.


Margaret Somers ( for fiscal and accommodation matters, Jindrich Zapletal ( for program and scheduling matters.

Local Information.

The location map with advice regarding the location of restaurants, hotels, and attractions is here.

Other logistics.

If you are a plenary or special session speaker, you were offered travel reimbursement. You should be in contact with our secretary Margaret Somers regarding your accommodation, and you will be able to pick up a reimbursement check upon conference check-in. If you plan to stay over for a couple of days after the conference, please make arrangements with Margaret and inform Zapletal as well about your stay details.

There is a conference fee payable in cash or check upon conference check-in to cover catering expenses–which our grant does not cover. We charge USD25 for the conference refreshments regardless of your reimbursement status.

We plan to publish a SEALS volume, and if you want to be a part of it, please let us know before the conference. Expository papers are welcome, at this point there is no set deadline.


The SEALS conference series is funded by the NSF grant DMS-1362273, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Office of Research of University of Florida.