Logic seminar 2020

The seminar has been meeting on zoom, and the following table shows the recordings.


Date Speaker talk/abstract/slides
March 31 Lauren Wickman An introduction to the dual Ramsey theorem
April 7 no seminar
April 14 Thomas Winckler A theorem in topology that can be proved using mathematical logic
April 21 Richard Krogman Automatic structures
May 5 Jindrich Zapletal Coloring right triangles without choice and slides
May 12 Dana Bartosova Product spaces as universal minimal flows
May 19 Pierre Simon On the growth rates of Fraisse classes
May 26 Jindrich Zapletal Discontinuous homomorphisms of Polish groups without choice abstract
June 2 Christian Rosendal How much choice is needed to construct a discontinuous homomorphism? and abstract
June 9 Douglas Cenzer Generically computable structures abstract
June 16 Lauren Wickman On the Metrizability of the Universal Minimal Flow of Certain Automorphism Groups abstract
June 23 Lauren Wickman On the metrizability of UMFs of certain automorphism groups II
June 30 Jordi Lopez-Abad The Banakh-Sack rank of a weakly compact set abstract
July 7 Jindrich Zapletal Forcing and real closed fields and abstract
July 14 Jindrich Zapletal Forcing and real closed fields II and abstract
July 21 Ankit Vishnubhotla Describing the Universal Minimal Dynamical System of the Reals abstract
August 4 Andy Zucker Topological dynamics beyond Polish groups abstract
September 8 Douglas Cenzer Randomness Extraction from a Computability-Theoretic Perspective abstract
September 15 John Hester Combining automated proof calculi abstract