Logic seminar

The seminar has been meeting on zoom, and the following table shows the recordings.


Date Speaker talk/abstract/slides
March 31, 2020 Lauren Wickman An introduction to the dual Ramsey theorem
April 7, 2020 no seminar
April 14, 2020 Thomas Winckler A theorem in topology that can be proved using mathematical logic
April 21 Richard Krogman Automatic structures
May 5 Jindrich Zapletal Coloring right triangles without choice and slides
May 12 Dana Bartosova Product spaces as universal minimal flows
May 19 Pierre Simon On the growth rates of Fraisse classes
May 26 Jindrich Zapletal Discontinuous homomorphisms of Polish groups without choice abstract
June 2 Christian Rosendal How much choice is needed to construct a discontinuous homomorphism? and abstract
June 9 Douglas Cenzer Generically computable structures abstract
June 16 Lauren Wickman On the Metrizability of the Universal Minimal Flow of Certain Automorphism Groups abstract
June 23 Lauren Wickman On the metrizability of UMFs of certain automorphism groups II
June 30 Jordi Lopez-Abad The Banakh-Sack rank of a weakly compact set abstract
July 7 Jindrich Zapletal Forcing and real closed fields and abstract
July 14 Jindrich Zapletal Forcing and real closed fields II and abstract
July 21 Ankit Vishnubhotla Describing the Universal Minimal Dynamical System of the Reals abstract
August 4 Andy Zucker Topological dynamics beyond Polish groups abstract
September 8 Douglas Cenzer Randomness Extraction from a Computability-Theoretic Perspective abstract
September 15 John Hester Combining automated proof calculi abstract
September 22 Dana Bartosova On universal minimal flow of Z2 abstract
September 29 Thomas Winckler A countable antichain theorem for finite functions abstract
October 6 Yuxin Zhou Balanced forcing for isosceles triangles abstract
October 13 Noah Schweber Computability-theoretic aspects of Banach-Mazur games abstract
October 20 Lauren Wickman Cantor spaces and projective Fraisse limits abstract
October 27 Shravan Sadashiva Pcf theory abstract
November 3 Jindrich Zapletal Borel reducibility and orbit equivalence relations abstract
November 10 Aristotelis Panagiotopoulos Dynamical obstructions to classification by (co)homology and other TSI-group invariants abstract
November 17 Samuel Coskey Bernoulli jumps of equivalence relations abstract
December 1 Jamal Kawach Dual Ramsey theory for countable ordinals abstract
December 8, 2020 Aleksandra Kwiatkowska Simplicity of the automorphism groups of countable structures abstract
January 26, 2021 Thomas Winckler CUF implies CAT (and other theorems)
February 2 John Hester Etableau Backtracking abstract
February 9 Jindrich Zapletal Krull dimension in set theory abstract recording
February 16 Jindrich Zapletal Krull dimension in set theory II recording
February 23 Jindrich Zapletal Martin’s Conjecture
March 2, 2021 Dana Bartosova Extension of compact groups with uniformly continuous cross sections abstract
March 9, 2021 Yuxin Zhou Partition of Rn with distinct distances abstract
March 16, 2021 Jindrich Zapletal Sequentiality of R abstract
March 23 Dakota Thor Ihli What generic automorphisms of the random poset look like abstract slides
March 30, 2021 Lauren Wickman The Knaster continuum as a projective Fraisse limit abstract
April 6, 2021…DIFFERENT TIME: 6pm Kentaro Yamamoto The automorphism group of the Fraisse limit of finite Heyting
algebras abstract
April 20, 2021 Shravan Sadashiva Balanced pairs on ideals abstract
April 27, 2021 Caroline Terry Speeds of hereditary properties and mutual algebraicity abstract
May 4, 2021 Assaf Shani Actions of tame abelian product groups abstract
May 11, 2021 Jonathan Cancino Manriquez Every maximal ideal may be Katetov above of all Fσ ideals abstract

May 18 Jonathan Cancino Manriquez Every maximal ideal may be Katetov above of all Fσ ideals II
June 1 Jan Grebik Descriptive combinatorics of actions of Zd abstract
June 22 Sonia Navarro Flores Borel ideals and topological Ramsey spaces abstract